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You won't find any pricey finishes or induction cooktops in this price bracket, but don't worry, you can still get a great-looking and great-performing range, even when you're operating on a budget. By clicking one of our links you're supporting our labs and our independence, as we may earn a small share of revenue. Recommendations are separate from any business incentives. Other Ranges We Tested. More Articles You Might Enjoy. We loved this 5. It has nicely designed, stainless steel dials that create a super smooth turning experience, and the large digital display panel makes it easy to enter your precise oven temperature.

The grates are well designed for easy cleaning, and you can remove the middle grate to place the custom griddle directly over the griddle burner. It preheats exceptionally fast and did well on both the baking and roasting tasks. It comes in at a nice budget price for a convection oven, but it looks and performs much more like a high-end range. We rigorously assess ranges, ovens, and cooktops by two major metrics: performance and features. Because cooking appliances are versatile products that can help you to prepare your food in a number of ways, we have multiple tests that that help us to determine how well-rounded any given range, cooktop, or oven is when it comes to getting dinner or dessert on the table.

This is our favorite part of oven testing. We bake a roll of pre-made sugar cookies and two white cakes in the oven so that we can give our readers who love to bake an idea of how evenly the oven can bake food, both within a single rack and between the upper and lower rack of the oven.

Cooktop burners need to be relatively flexible, temperature-wise; the best burners can both provide a nice sear high temperature on a steak and gently simmer low temperature a pasta sauce. Toast — How even is the heating in the broiler? By toasting six slices of white bread on a broiler pan for a certain amount of time, we can assess how even the heat distribution is across the broiler. This test helps us to identify any hot or cold spots in the broiler that may overcook or undercook your food.

10 Cheapest All-Electric Cars on Sale in 2019 (Price and Range Comparison)

Water boil — How long does it take for the cooktop's burners to bring a pot of water to a boil? We put appropriately-sized pots of water on every cooktop burner and see how fast each burner heats up the water in the pot to a gentle boil. Cooktops are rewarded for having more fast, hot burners. We love ranges that have features that are especially useful, or that solve common cooking problems. A range's primary purpose is to help you prepare your food in a safe and timely manner; as such, the results of the performance tests are given the most weight when it comes time to decide whether we should recommend a particular range or not.

For example, a range may have a beautiful finish and lots of neat accessories, but if it can't cook a pork loin evenly, or if the cake bottoms are burned while the cake tops are still undercooked, we will not recommend that product to our readers. Features and usability are definitely incorporated into a product's final score as mentioned above , but the performance testing is what really makes or breaks a range, in our opinion. It does an excellent job at roasting and broiling, but may not be the best bet for serious bakers: Our cakes came out pretty uneven.

Stoves for Sale: Ranges New & Refurbished

But its fastest burner, the right front burner, boils 6 cups of water in about 4 minutes, which is pretty speedy. The JGSKSS also had one of the best broilers that we've tested— all six slices of test toast were equally browned, with no hot spots in sight. Overall, this range is a good deal for what it does and consumers agree.

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Read the full review. While it's a pretty basic gas range, the modest Kenmore has its charms. On the other hand, it really excelled at the pork loin test, where it came out looking very evenly cooked. At this price point, users were really excited about the addition of a fifth cooktop burner, the customizable self-clean cycles, and the stainless steel finish, but were disappointed that a broiler pan was not included with a purchase of the range.

A few reviewers noted that the oven vents directly onto the cooktop, something to be aware of if you're using the oven and the cooktop at the same time. If you want the flexibility that comes with a fifth cooktop burner, but don't want to break the bank, the Kenmore is a solid pick. Despite its low retail price, it boasts an excellent oven that really impressed us with its evenly-baked cookies and cakes. The cooktop's burners can boil water quickly, and maintain both high and low temperatures, but these qualities don't really exist on the same burner.

We found that three out of the four burners excelled at different tasks: the left front burner boiled water the fastest, the left rear burner got the hottest, and the right rear burner maintained the lowest temperature.

Find your inner chef with the perfect range, cooktop, and oven

Performance aside, this electric range features a stainless-steel front and sits flush with your kitchen cabinets for a seamless, modern look. This range is undeniably better than most budget options. The Whirlpool WFES0ES electric range offers high-quality cooking capability, an attractive, stainless exterior, and a basic feature set that covers all bases in the kitchen. The 5. The front left burner is also a dual-ring burner, with a 6-inch inner ring, and a 9-inch outer ring.

If you find yourself cooking breakfast a lot, this range comes with a built-in griddle burner in the center of the cooktop and obviates the need for a separate, stand-alone griddle that takes up room on your countertop. We found the drawer-mounted broiler hard to use, and steam cleaning is good for small spills. As for cooking, this gas range did a solid job with the oven tests, but struggled a bit more when it came to our cooktop performance tests; the burners are a bit slower to bring water to a boil than we'd prefer. The Kenmore electric range is extremely reasonably priced for what it offers: A 5 burner cooktop with a Turbo Boil setting, warming drawer, and convection bake.

However, while the cooktop works wonderfully two burners can boil water in about five minutes , the oven doesn't.

Ski deals Kitimat Ranges – Attractive ski packages in the Kitimat Ranges

Convection is a highly sought-after feature in an oven, but this Kenmore's left our food extremely uneven—Even worse off than standard bake. If you plan to use your oven often, we'd advise you look elsewhere. Its cooktop is smooth and offers a ton of space, as well as a dual-ring burner. The front left burner also has a separate "melt" setting, which is perfect for bakers who, for example, want to melt baking chocolate without scorching it.

Its 5. The white finish will help it to fit in with any other white appliances you have, but if you prefer, you can pay a bit extra and upgrade to a stainless steel finish. Where some products seem to have good ovens or good cooktops, but not both, this gas range has multiple cooktop burners that can boil water quickly and can maintain very high temperatures, as well as an oven that produces evenly baked cookies.

The best oven ranges, whether you’re a chef or just need to heat up a pizza

The model we tested has a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish, which is a nice surprise at this price point. Even better, the cooktop's center burner is larger and oval-shaped, which makes it perfect for cooking with larger cookware.

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On the other hand, user reviews indicate that the burners may be placed too close together and that you might not be able to fit multiple large pots and pans on the cooktop at the same time. The Kenmore has that classic Kenmore look and its signature clicky-buttoned control panel, but they added a 5th burner and nicer, metal knobs. The illuminated control knobs feature a blue backlight when turned on so there's no question if you've turned off the gas.

Excellent results were achieved during our simmer testing and very good marks for stovetop heat distribution. You'll be comfortable with the easy to navigate oven controls when getting ready for a day of baking. One tricky function was the broiler. In addition to having a super sleek design, this Miele range has oversized knobs and a large easy-to-grip door pull that adds to its professional look.

This was one of the few models we evaluated that excelled at broiling , rivaling an outdoor grill when it comes to browning steaks. It's also outfitted with dishwasher-safe cast iron cooking grates, dual convection fans for fast baking, and a top-notch self-clean cycle.

This model continues to stand up against the competition.

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Best part? It's backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. Six gas burners all evenly spaced that can boil and simmer your best dishes. Favorite small detail This profession chef's choice is hard to beat for cooktop performance. It's open burners give you heat quickly.

Best Electric and Gas Ranges Black Friday 12222 Deals & Sales

Happily it didn't just look good, it also preformed well in our tests. The secondary side oven was a bit small for full-size items, but great for reheating and warming. One caveat, the oven depth was a little shy of fitting our cookie sheets. When I tested the KitchenAid slide-in range with five sealed burners, it felt like the unit had been in the lab for a very long time.