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Black 'Nocturn' Victorian Red 'Poisonblack' Female Long Sleeves Sweater 'Black Gothic Hooded Winter Black Vegan Leather 'Xena' Black 'Gotham' Military Black Steampunk Silent Hill Black Itali and Nomada Black Gothic Lolita 'Dolly' Black 'Gothic Regent' Long Black Long Sleeves Sweater Black 'Current' Hooded Black Velvet Knee Length Black Victorian 'Damask Black and Grey Pinstripped Black Velvet 'Baratheon' Black Jacquard 'Gothic Black Catharsis Suspenders. Black Striped Gothic All items.

Red and Black Plaid Black Leather Reactor New Black Vegan New Rock Grey Asymmetric T-Shirt Brown Steampunk 'Mad Max' Red and Black Checkerboard Waist Elastic Belt 'Ram Red Vintage Flower Leather Black Steampunk 'Aviator' Black Nomada and Itali Black 'Found My Way' Mini Black Lipstick. Black Hooded 'Scorpio' Black Hooded 'Theatre of White and Black 'White Easily replace battery at home. Replacement battery costs approx. Chipolo is made in Slovenia, European Union thus ensuring European level of premium product quality.

Females Collection

Get notification of the map location of your wallet, when any Chipolo community user is within rage of your wallet. Fits Ergonomically in your pocket Size: If you forget or misplace your wallet or your phone. If you would like to see the future of wallet design. Right Now. If you would like to see how even a wallet can surprise you! No more searching for your Phone everyday! Find your missing wallet or Phone! No more lost walletes! No more worried family members, when you are out conquering the world!

No more searching for your wallet everyday! Take Hands-Free Selfies Double press your smart wallet to take remote hands-free selfies on your phone. Take the best ever selfies! Buy Buy. Notification on Phone when Voyager Smart Wallet is left behind How many of us have forgotten our wallets at restaurants, offices, shops or even at our homes only to lose them eventually?

Now get a notification on your smartphone as soon as your wallet gets separated from you.

Welcome to Etsy!

No more lost wallet! Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Find your Smart Wallet using your phone Wallets have a knack of disappearing right when you need it. Find your phone using your Wallet — Even on Silent Mode Phones also have a strange way of hiding themselves at the strangest of places. Locate your wallet or phone on map We know what's in your mind right now. Even if you are countries apart it shows up exactly where. Your wallet is your selfie remote! Now group selfies are fun and easy.

Design Voyager's unique patent protected design helps fit a lot more with a lot less. Smart Chip. Why Travel Clumsily with. A fat wallet which gives you a backache Size: A long, bulky, pesky, passport-holder Size: Experience Voyager Smart Wallet If you forget or misplace your wallet or your phone.

Watch Video. Design Feature. Mobile Holder Slot.

An external slot to hold your Mobile, comes handy In situations where you need a free hand. Skip to content Confirm Password. Cuir Ally - Redefining the way you carry Stay signed in.

Why zebra - not leopard - is the print to try now

Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Learn more. Blue Leopard Velvet Lambskin Leather. D'une douceur incroyable! Shop owner Bluetooth 4. Smart Features. About Cuir. Post navigation?

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